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Sep 7, 2016

ACL Festival Fashion Outfit Ideas 2016: What to Wear

by Miss Venus

ACL Festival can be difficult to dress for, blazing hot or torrential rains, but you always want to look good and pleasantly comfortable. That’s why SoLa is here with our ACL capsule collection that will have you looking fabulous and stylish in your festival ensemble.

We start with the lovely Natalie, with Ginger Me Glam, to showcase layers, off-the-shoulder dress and comfortable shoes.


With the brutal Austin heat, you want to make sure you have options. This tie-dyed, smocked, off-the-shoulder dress fits the bill and makes the scene. The denim vest is a must-have piece this fall as it adds just a little edge to any outfit. All the pockets are functional and it’s only going to get better with wear and tear. You can easily pack this little number in a bag when you nab your spot in the shade or get a little extra protection from the sun while rocking out with DJ Mel.


You have to have comfortable shoes PERIOD. This is a no-brainer but sometimes overlooked and you end up wearing flip-flops. Whatever you do, do not do the newbie mistake of wearing flip-flops to a festival, just don’t. Think port-0-potties, and if that doesn’t have your brain recoiling in horror, maybe you really are a hippie and have your mind on higher things, no pun intended. Fortunately for all of us, we have just received TOMS fall/winter 2016 collection and they are perfect for such events. Natalie is showing off the TOMS Laurel boot and we are in love! The southwestern-inspired Laurel boots boasts a demure, embroidered detail on the smooth suede pull-up tabs. Not quite your style, no worries, we have lots of options: Avalon, Classics, Desert Wedge, and more. You could buy them online but wouldn’t you rather shop local and try them on in person… Just sayin’

Next up, we have the amazing Kate, with Last Satellite Salon, showing off her SoLa style with fringe, micro-fiber and Sarah Briggs jewelry.


Nothing says music festival like fringe and suede. We’ve all seen it over done in the past but with SoLa, you get just the right amount. This lilac lighter-than-air tee with the fringe detail pairs perfectly with the suede-ish look and feel, soft plum shorts. Unless you are a Jim Morrison wanna-be or don’t plan on getting close to anyone for a few days, leather and suede just aren’t viable options in the Texas heat. Usher in the microfiber, it’s cool in the blazing sun and cozy in the chillier evenings. Microfiber naturally wicks sweat away from the body, keeps you cool and dry, easier to clean than suede and has an elasticity so it keeps is shape and will look good throughout the day. You are going to look fabulous and stay refreshed.  You’re welcome ;-)


For those of us who are vertically challenged and appreciate every inch we get, especially when trying to see our favorite musicians, we’d like to introduce you to the super comfortable and just released, TOMS Lunata Lace-ups. Granted, a stacked heel isn’t for everyone but some peeps actually enjoy a little lift and can effortlessly stand and move all day in a higher shoe. If these babies are little too high for you, try the TOMS Leila bootie for the perfect mid-heel.


And now onto Coral, senior stylist at SoLa, looking pretty fly in our cold-shoulder top, tassel microfiber skirt and the old-tried-and-true TOMS Leila boots.


Give ’em the cold shoulder at ACL with this cut-out top and a healthy dose of frill detail. The olive in the skirt brings out the undertones of grey in blouse and has you looking effortlessly put together without the over-the-top matching feel. The tassels of the skirt give a little motion and adds some boogie to rock the day away while being breathable in the aforementioned microfiber.


Count on SoLa having the perfect crossbody purse to put all you need to carry and if it doesn’t fit, leave it at home. Layer on the jewelry and let the sparks fly as you have your wardrobe down pat, ready to roll to Austin City Limits Festival.

Have a pair of shoes you want to match up? Need an update on your current items? Come see us and we’ll take care of it before the morning of. Nobody wants to let that happen but just in case, we will have a pop-up shop at ACL Festival.

Give us a try, Goldilocks, promise we will have just the right outfit for you.

Check out our segment on Studio 512 for ACL Festival fashion outfit ideas 2016 here.

Some behind the scenes shots… Enjoy!




Muse a little more…


Let your inner bohemian free with the adjustable crop top and matching slit skirt.


Accessories are the name of the game!


This crop top is calling you…will you answer?


Magical skirt or smart ventilation, you decide.









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