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Fashion Trends 2012, Transition Into Autumn

Posted August 21st, 2012 by Miss Venus

While most in the fashion world are trying to prolong the summer tan and avoid the ineveitable chill of winter to come, Austinites have the welcomed joy of another month of Texas heat. Alas, we can’t help but lust after the textures, colors and warmth as we dream of a cooler, more temperate time of year. Some may think it is too early to worry about the transition into Autumn but here’s our favorite fashion trends 2012 to jumpstart your fall wardrobe.

Crimson & Oxblood

Autumn 2012 is all about different shades of red, not the classic bright red hue. Crimson, oxblood, burgandy and bordeaux dominate the trend picture. Showcased by many designers and fashion houses including Valentino, Gucci, YSL and Miu Miu, we see it mostly on coats and pants but dresses are not to be forgotten. When black is your go to color, liven it up with some red.

Feminine Silhouette

There is something memorable with classic lines and movement when a woman wears clothes and not the other way around. Rich, luxe pastels to a touch of color, run with the big dogs and have fun being a lady.

Native Prints

This is probably the easiest transition to autumn piece since we have our favorite ikat clutch, indigenous print dress. All you have to do is pile it, challenge your comfort level and get wild.

Statement Pieces

A dash of sparkle, deep jewel tones and strong shapes will be all the punch you need to transition this autumn from plain jane to knock-out.

These are just a few ideas for transition into autumn but don’t throw out timeless lace, neutral pastels, or that classic colorblock top that goes with anything. Always have fun expanding your fashion horizon because if you take the time, you will get the time and so much more. See ya soon SoLanista!